Netiquette of the University of Vienna’s blog

Users are responsible for their contributions and warrant that they do not publish contents that violate existing law or infringe third party rights.

Respectful communication and wording in contributions and comments on the blog is important to us. Therefore please note that we do not approve contributions that

  • are abusive, defamatory or unlawful,
  • contain sexist, racist or other discriminatory contents,
  • contain threats or incitement to violence,
  • infringe copyright, producer rights, rights of exploitation and use, or personality rights of third parties by means of its contents (especially text, images, photographs, drawings, videos). If other persons have contributed to the preparation and development of the contribution to the blog, you have to obtain their permission for the submission and possible subsequent publication prior to the submission of the contribution.
  • serve the sole purpose of advertising any service or company (no use for commercial purposes),
  • contain personal attacks or libellous contents,
  • are aimed at bad-mouthing a person, a group of persons, a department (sub-unit) or a degree programme.

The comments function for each blog post allows you to give your opinion on a topic. Here it is important that

  • the rules (see above) apply equally to comments and to contributions,
  • the comments are moderated: This means that comments on the entry will only appear after the editors have approved them. The reasons for not publishing a comment are listed above.

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