„A two week immersion in fin-de-siècle Vienna“

„Coming from a small university in the city I’ve lived in all my life, the prospect of doing an Erasmus student exchange at the University of Vienna couldn’t have been more exciting. My BA programme in European Studies at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland requires me to complete two semesters abroad, studying through a foreign language. Since arriving here in September 2019, I’ve been lucky enough to attend many interesting lectures and seminars on topics that would never be offered to undergraduates at my home university, not to mention the opportunity to study on a specialised short course outside of the regular lecture period.

The first semester has flown by and now since finishing my exams I have been participating in the University of Vienna’s winter school for Cultural and Historical Studies, supported by a generous scholarship from the International Office. It has been a brilliant opportunity for me to immerse myself in the history, politics and culture of Vienna during the formative fin-de-siècle period over the course of an intensive two-week programme. The univie: winter school has offered a fantastic environment to learn from eminent professors and experts in their respective fields in a small classroom setting, as well as through excursions in the city that they guided. I have taken courses in Austrian literature (focusing on the work of Arthur Schnitzler) and in politics and social developments in Vienna at the turn of the century. In both courses I have found the approachability of the teaching staff particularly valuable and it has made for an extremely rewarding learning experience.

This stimulating univie: winter school has been a superb way to make the most of my semester break and to learn to appreciate better the complex and fascinating development of my host city. It has also opened up exchange with other international students; an exciting prospect as my native Dublin is far removed from the centre of Europe!“ – Niamh Christine O’Neill

Niamh from Ireland spent two semesters in Vienna to study German Philology.

German Philology.

P.S.: The University of Vienna hosts several summer and winter schools, bringing together international and local students. univie: summer/winter schools offer the opportunity to study for one to four weeks and gain credits towards your degree programme. You can dive into a new academic environment in Vienna, other places in Austria and beyond. Find more info here.

„2019: Das Postgraduate Center der Universität Wien bietet einen ganz neuen Lehrgang an, das Studium Generale. Als ich darüber auf der Homepage der Universität Wien las, war ich sofort Feuer und Flamme. Postgradual, nachberuflich, nicht Ausbildung, sondern Allgemeinbildung soll vermittelt werden. Ich war begeistert, neugierig und fest entschlossen, bei diesem ersten ‚historischen‘ Lehrgang dabei zu … Continued

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„Ich habe an der Universität Wien Physik im Master studiert und mich auf Quantencomputer auf der Basis von Photonen spezialisiert. Das Studium habe ich gewählt, weil ich verstehen wollte, wie die Welt funktioniert und welche Phänomene am Werk sind, von denen wir in unserem Alltag gar nichts mitbekommen. Meine Neugier begann schon im Schulunterricht, als … Continued

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