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Business, Economics and Statistics – The Admission Procedure: How to register in 5 easy steps am 25. April 2016
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Business, Economics and Statistics – The Admission Procedure: How to register in 5 easy steps

The first professor of economic affairs was appointed in 1763 as part of the University of Vienna’s legal faculty. Today the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics is one of 15 faculties of the University of Vienna and is located at Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz.
Approximately 5,000 students study business administration, international business administration, economics, and statistics. The faculty building offers larger lecture halls, smaller seminar rooms, a library, pc-labs as well as its own dining hall.

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The study programmes business administration (BA), international business administration (IBA) , economics, and statistics offered at the University of Vienna are affected by entrance examinations, taking place one time per acadamic year.


1. Online Registration

The online registration is possible until May 17, 2016. The registration/exam fee is EUR 50. Further information can be found under The university entrance certificate (Matura, Abitur) is not necessary for the registration.

2. Online Self-Assessment

The online self-assessment (OSA) must be completed by May 31, 2016. We recommend to take it right after your online registration to make sure you don’t forget it. The OSA is in German.

3. Subsequent Online Registration

In the case that less people have registered than available study places exist, then you have the possibility to register subsequently, but only if you have already registered for Business, Economics and Statistics at a different Austrian university by May 15, 2016.

4. Written Entrance Exam

The written entrance exam will take place on July 12, 2016 and is in German. The results will be announced approximately three weeks after the exam via e-mail. You will be informed where the exam will take place as soon as possible.

5. Personal Admission

Participation in the entrance exam procedures does not replace the personal admission at the University of Vienna. For this reason all necessary documents

  • university entrance certificate (and if necessary a certified translation thereof)
  • passport or identity card
  • passport picture
  • proof of proficiency in German level B2 / 2

must be handed in to the admissions office until September 5, 2016 after successfully passing the entrance exam. This is the only possibility to start your studies.


StudentPoint is the place to refer to when confronted with general questions regarding the University of Vienna. Questions concerning administrative issues regarding all forms of economic studies at our faculty can be directed at the StudiesServiceCenter team.


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  1. I Ali Hamza in PAKISTAN want to take admission in B.A I as a international student what is the procedure for how to and where to submit admission form.

    1. Dear Ali, all the information you are seeking can be found in the above blog post as well as the links provided there. Please read it carefully and follow the links. If you still have questions afterwards, please contact student point directly.

  2. Hello I’m syed from India. Can you please tell me how should I prepare for enterns exam for admission in business informatics

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