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Three tips for effective communication during remote learning am 15. April 2020
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Three tips for effective communication during remote learning

Teaching is currently taking place in the form of remote learning. As a result, teachers and students have to use different remote learning tools and communication channels. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) compiled the following tips for those of you who are not yet used to working with these tools and are looking for some advice on how to manage this situation.

Separate your working time from the time you gather information

  • Communication currently takes place through many different digital tools, which means that you are bombarded with a lot of information on a regular basis 😊 Consciously set aside time in your daily schedule for gathering information and for communicating.
  • Look through the many messages you receive, structure them and regularly determine which have priority.
  • Separate the time you use for gathering information, communicating and structuring tasks from your actual work time as much as possible.


Keep informed about changes in your courses

  • Find out what communication tools are used for each of your courses and how you can get access to them. Write down this information.
  • To feel confident about using the tools, take a look at them ahead of time and familiarise yourself with how they work 😊
  • Find out what achievements are expected of you and if the requirements for your courses have changed.
  • Write down the deadlines for your tasks and structure your work schedule accordingly.


Use technology and tools in a careful way

  • Being suddenly disconnected from your virtual class due to a poor Internet connection can happen at any time. This is no reason to worry, as others are probably having similar problems 😊 Inform your teachers and the other students that you were offline for a few minutes and ask for a quick update on what you missed.
  • In case you use a webcam and a microphone to communicate: Be aware of what others can see behind you and hear from your surroundings.
  • Familiarise yourself with how to mute your microphone in the different conferencing tools. Communication usually runs more smoothly if only the person who is currently speaking has their microphone turned on.
  • Minimise distractions 😊 The computer offers plenty of opportunities for distraction and many people currently feel compelled to check the news much more frequently. Close all applications you do not need and put your mobile phone in silent mode. Use the times you set aside to focus exclusively on your work schedule.

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