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Four hacks for effective remote learning am 8. April 2020
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Four hacks for effective remote learning

This unusual situation is a challenge for students and teachers alike. The current change from face-to-face teaching to remote learning alters the daily routine we are used to and that reliably structured our studies and our learning progress week after week. Therefore, structuring your personal routine is essential.

The Center for Teaching an Learning (CTL) of the University of Vienna compiled a list of four tips to help you with remote learning:

Use Moodle

  • Plan to visit Moodle at least for a short while every day, preferably at a fixed time in the morning. This does not take long and is the first step to organise your day of remote learning.
  • You can look for new contents or simply repeat previous study material.
  • New material is added to Moodle every day to support remote learning.

Make a plan.

  • First, create a rough weekly schedule. Then plan your tasks for each day,
  • Schedule working phases, but also sufficient breaks and leisure.
  • Stay realistic regarding your goals.
  • The good news: Setting goals for yourself is proven to have a positive effect on your learning. 😊

Set up online learning

  • Schedule online meetings with your fellow students to work through study material together. This also helps to structure the day.
  • Define learning goals for the next days until the next online meeting.
  • Studying in a group can be very motivating. Sharing your personal learning goals in a group can help you keep your learning routine.

Keep going 😊

On a final note, it is completely normal that it might take you longer to complete your tasks in the beginning. You will have to get accustomed to the new mode of remote learning. We will overcome difficulties together and provide further tips. 😊


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