“How to achieve outstanding athletic and academic performance”

“The University of Vienna’s football team, the so-called Emperors, has accompanied me since the beginning of my studies. This way, the “Emps” have made my student years the time of my life.

American football has played an important role throughout my life. The Emps allowed me to perfectly combine both my hobby and university. It is not exactly easy to find your way around university when you start studying for the first time. I was not the only student of Law among the Emperors, so it was easy to exchange experiences and material, and support each other during our studies. This made the organisation of my studies a lot easier and I was able to focus on the interesting and exciting topics and courses that the degree programme in Law at the University of Vienna has to offer.

On the one hand, the football training allows me to find the balance between studies and work. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for me to see my friends and have fun with them outside the library in the stressful time before exams start. In the summer semester of 2018, I went to the University of Queensland to spend one semester there as part of the University of Vienna’s Non-EU Student Exchange Program: Two of my best friends and colleagues from the Emperors community even came to visit me in Queensland. The Austrian College Sports League (ACSL) does not only offer American football, but also a wide range of other recreational activities: women’s and men’s basketball, cheer dancing and even a marching band – pure university feeling and a strong sense of connection to the University, as I had only known it from Hollywood films. I had never experienced anything like this before I joined the Emperors. The great thing is that anyone who wants to become part of this community will find something that they like and be able to contribute to this cool offer. (Would you like to participate? Click here to find out more.)

To me, studying does not only mean professional development but also personal development. It allows you to find new friends and gain new experiences. This is how you achieve outstanding athletic and academic performance.” – Erik de Buck

Erik is studying Law at the University of Vienna.

PS: It’s start of the season! On 28 March, the Emperors of the University of Vienna have their next game against the football team of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.

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