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Not all beginnings are difficult

As a prospective student, you are confronted with new terms and procedures when taking your first steps into university. This blog post shall help you find your way to admission for degree programmes with entrance exam procedure.

Update: January 2020
Please note: Depending on your citizenship (EU/EEA or non-EU/EEA) and language level different documents for application might be necessary. This blogpost describes the process for EU/EEA citizens with language level C1. This does not apply to you? Read more here:

First, and most importantly: Comply with ALL deadlines, because if you miss just one of them, you will most probably have to wait another year for a new chance to study your desired degree programme. Such waiting time, which might make you begin another degree programme or a McJob you don’t really care about, is not only annoying, but will perhaps also lead to troubles with your health insurance and family allowance in the long run.

Very important note: You can apply for admission to a degree programme even if you do not yet have your secondary-school leaving certificate. However, make sure you upload it in u:space as soon as you get it! 

Which degree programme do you want to study and does it have an entrance exam procedure?

What do I want to study and does this study have an exam procudere?

Current deadlines and information regarding the degree programmes with entrance exam procedure at the University of Vienna is available on

What you should know

  • Law
  • Business Administration
  • International Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Business Informatics
  • Journalism and Communication Studies
  • English and American Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Teacher Education Programme
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Transcultural Communication
  • Biology
  • Education
  • Pharmacy
  • Nutritional Science
  • Sport Science

The most important steps to your desired degree programme

The most relevant steps towards your desired degree programme

Step 1 – Online-Self-Assessment

Most degree programmes (except for Psychology and Sport Science) have an Online-Self-Assessment, which you have to complete as a first step for the registration. It helps you to reflect on your choice of degree programme.

The so-called OSA is available (in German) on

Step 2 – Application and registration

The next step consists of activating your u:account, registering and applying for admission to the degree programme in u:space within the registration deadline.

You don’t know the terms yet? No worries, you will come across u:space many times during your studies. For now, it provides you with the necessary space to enter the required data for the registration and application.

When applying for admission, you must upload several documents as scans. Which documents you need depends on your citizenship and the country of your previous education. Detailed information is available on our website.

You then have to pay the exam fee of 50 Euro by credit card or eps online transfer. As a last step, you can submit your application in u:space.

Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. A few days after the registration deadline has ended, you will receive another e-mail with information regarding the next steps in the entrance exam procedure. Whether the written exam will be carried out or not depends on the number of registrations and the number of available places. If the written exam does not take place and you fulfil all other admission requirements, you will be able to complete the admission procedure within the admission period (step 3).

If there is an entrance exam, you will receive further information no later than 14 days before the day of the written exam.

Important note: Plan your arrival well in advance and make sure you take the day off! If you are well-rested and relaxed, your chances to obtain good test results are higher. 

Some weeks after the written exam, you will be informed whether you have received a place or not.

Step 3 – Personal admission

If you have received a place, you can complete the admission procedure, provided you fulfil all admission requirements. You will have to present all documents in their original version and have your identity checked in the Admission Office.

Pay your tuition fee/Students’ Union fee and you are already admitted!

Once again, just to remind you: Information on the entrance exam procedures and the admission procedure is available on

PS: In case you have not received a place for your desired degree programme, follow the link to the entire range of degree programmes offered at the University of Vienna or have a look at the following blogposts.

More blogposts

Have a look at the blogposts about the application and admission process at the University of Vienna:

Any questions about starting your studies?

Follow this link for general information about studying at the University of Vienna

Theresia Leibel

Theresia Leibel works at the Admission Office of the University of Vienna.
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