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We are looking forward to your interest in and commitment to contributing to the University of Vienna’s blog and to sharing your stories and articles with us and the community of the University of Vienna.

Students, alumni/alumnae, teaching staff, researchers, employees, etc. can seize the opportunity to write about their personal experiences, ideas, adventures, tips and tricks, projects, everyday life or about their highlights at the University of Vienna in the official blog of the University of Vienna. We would like to invite you to comment on contributions or add your statements and opinions. We thus want to engage in an open dialogue subject to the netiquette.

Do you have a topic or an idea for a contribution to the blog? Contact us right aw

Blogging tips

We do not have any guidelines on topics, style of writing, etc. However, we do have a short check-list of how your contribution to the blog can become more findable and readable in the Internet.

Is my blog contribution clearly structured? Did I include links and images? How can I facilitate reading of my contribution? Here are some tips.


The views expressed in the posts, comments and replies on this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Vienna. The University of Vienna does not archive user data. However, the University of Vienna cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or validity of the information provided in the blog posts.

Users are not entitled to claim the publication of a blog post. Contributions to the blog will be published at the discretion of the blog editors. We recommend that you consult our social media editors via before you start to write a blog contribution.

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