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Human of #univie Anna: A summer (school) to remember! am 28. November 2022
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Human of #univie Anna: A summer (school) to remember!

“I have recently graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Vienna and am currently working as a counsel in a dispute resolution law firm. One of the biggest misconceptions about law students that I often encountered is the assumption that law is taught by learning paragraphs and textbooks by heart. Although it is true that law students do have to learn extensively at times, I attended various programmes and courses, for example summer school, offered by the University of Vienna designed to share knowledge in a way that goes beyond anything that you could learn from textbooks.

The most outstanding programme of this kind that I was able to attend was the Summer School for International and European Studies in Strobl, Austria. Throughout my studies and legal career, I was continuously confronted with EU law. Hence, I applied for the Summer School with the intention of enhancing my knowledge of specific EU-related topics, such as data protection. In the end, the Summer School not only offered a unique course programme but also granted me with four weeks filled with networking and new experiences which I will remember and cherish for years to come.

The Summer School offers an incomparable and diverse academic programme which not only comprises lessons taught by renowned professors but also encourages students to use their knowledge in moot courts, role plays, group discussions and presentations. As a result, I have learnt about EU law in a way that enables me to use my knowledge not only for university purposes but also for my professional career.

To top all of this off, the programme was accompanied by the beautiful scenery of Lake Wolfgang as well as countless excursions and social events. Highlights that I will never forget include a chamber concert by the Vienna Philharmonic, going for a swim in Lake Wolfgang with other participants between courses and the Midsummer Night’s Ball filled with a lot of laughter, especially during the talent show.

Interested in summer or winter schools? Check out the International Office for more information!

The Summer School of the University of Vienna is so much more than a place to learn about European and international law. It is a place that brings aspiring young people from all corners of the world together, a place where I made friendships that will last far beyond the four weeks spent in Strobl, and a place that I will always remember as the perfect ending to my studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Vienna.”

Human Anna studied Law at the University of Vienna and visited a Summer School for International and European Studies.

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