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“Sport means more than toning my biceps”

“Sport means much more to me than just toning my biceps and trying to improve my performance. I am studying Sport Science because it allows me to combine academic knowledge with other approaches. I do sport out of enthusiasm, creativity, pleasure as well as out of passion.

I read a lot about the evolution, consciousness and transcendental intelligence. Based on this academic knowledge from the field of humanities, which we understand mainly through feeling, I also try to gain a thorough understanding of textbooks and lecture notes that I am reading and studying in my leisure time as well as for my studies.

The fact that I could start my studies is a result of many years of planning and detours. At the end of 2009, I dropped out of the academic secondary school for sports (Sportgymnasium) in Dornbirn, in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg, because I knew that my family would not support me if I wanted to go to university. I wanted to be independent and make a living to be able to pursue new objectives with more energy.

So, I started an apprenticeship in Röthis, in Vorarlberg to become a freight agent. As I always feel the urge to experience something new, I decided to continue my apprenticeship at the headquarters in Albern in Vienna and was able to complete it with distinction. After completing my apprenticeship, I added one more year of training to become a freight logistics manager. At the same time, I also found out that I was going to become a father. This was an incentive for me to renovate a flat, attend evening classes and spend many nights as a bicycle taxi driver. My son was born healthy, the flat was renovated and I graduated from secondary school. Following a serious hand injury that almost shattered all my dreams, I managed to pass the entrance examination for the degree programme in Sport Science the same year, which felt like a miracle. Thanks to a study grant for “self-supporters”, I was able to enjoy life as a student and father with more time and leisure at hand.

I consider the time I spend with my son and studying as well as my passionate approach to sport, literature and writing an opportunity for self-development and self-fulfilment. I would like to convince others to adopt a conscious approach to their self, their body and their environment.” – Martin Schuster

Martin is studying Sport Science at the University of Vienna

Human of #univie Tomas: When do things go quantum?

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