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Get to know the G:URL*s Coding Club am 11. June 2024
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Get to know the G:URL*s Coding Club

Do you have an interest in coding or improving your skills? The G:URL*s Coding Club is a thriving, fun, fantastic community that enables its members to do just this! Find out more about the club and how you can become a member below.

Group picture of G:URL*s Coding Club at a Cloudflight Coding competition by CloudflightWho are the G:URL*s Coding Club?

We are a FLINTA* English speaking coding club that provides a mutually supportive environment for members that encourages learning, developing new skills and approaching challenging tech related problems to foster self-confidence and personal growth.


Why such a coding club?

Knowing how to code is such an important life skill that is useful in almost all areas of modern day life. We want to equip our members with the skills, knowledge and confidence in themselves to enter the STEM workforce to tackle any related challenges they might face. Most importantly we want to create a space where like minded people who love to code come together and share their passion with one another!


Do you have to be an expert coder to join?recent meeting picture taken by the G:URL*s Coding Club

Not at all – just a keen interest and passion to want to learn!


What events does the club have?

We host coding bootcamps, hold talks from industry experts in the STEM field, host hackathons, work on group projects and hold social events. Additionally, we compete in competitions, attend tech related conferences and networking events and attend job fairs together.


How can I join or support the community?

You can stay up to date with us on Instagram, Discord or Linkedin.


  • The G:URL*s Coding Club is part of the #univie communities
  • Read the uniport article by co-founder Laura on technical interviews in the IT field
  • What’s a hackathon? Find out here.


Photo credits Inés Futterknecht & G:URL*s Coding Club

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