“My very personal power-up”

“The package deal in the last summer semester: two degree programmes, a part-time job and COVID-19. My very personal three-plus-one deal.

As for many other students, this meant spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen. From 14th to 15th March, suddenly everything was ‘remote’. Fine word, unpleasant situation. Especially in this semester – my last semester at University – direct contact to my professors would have been just as important for me as during the winter semester of 2014, when I was still a newbie…

After all, my professor teaching the master’s seminar told us before we even had to write our first paragraph: “First, you will do fine, then comes a really terrible phase. It will be like a rollercoaster ride, but some day you will finish it – I promise.” Who would not gladly accept qualified support with prospects like these?

Surprisingly, my master’s thesis supervisor and I managed the situation quite well. State-of-the-art telephone conferences still cannot replace interpersonal communication – here, my recently completed degree in communication studies comes in. Nevertheless, my professor took as much time as necessary, would have answered entire questionnaires and had encouraging words for me during every meeting. In this respect, without having any basis for comparison, it was an experience that was really okay – and I mean that.

On the day of the exam, I had a lot to deal with: Preparing the room (unhang the beautiful but inappropriate nude study in the background). A beating heart. Checking the router. Checking the router again. Stress. But as soon as all four persons were online, the atmosphere was very relaxed and we had a really nice conversation.

Rest in peace uni life, finally! But of course, even this last stage of my studies taught me something – especially regarding this eternally long paper, the great finish of remote studying: If your mind no longer works properly, close Word, shut down your laptop, turn off your guilty conscience and take a break from online studying. As basic as that sounds: You can and SHOULD take your very personal power-up this way.” – Hannah Kathan

Hannah studied Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Vienna.

“In my degree programme in Physics, I deal with quanta and quantum information. In this area, the University of Vienna focuses on photons, the fundamental light particles. Light particles can have different energies that, in certain areas, correspond to the colours that we see. However, light particles cannot only have different energies but can also … Continued

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“Any time I am answering the question ‘What are you studying?’, my counterpart seems to be confused: ‘Chemistry??’ Then, I smilingly try to explain that studying Chemistry, and thereby researching the invisible and impalpable, can be indeed very interesting and exciting. My name is Magdalena, and I am from Gevgelija, Macedonia. After I graduated from … Continued

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“Being enrolled on two degree programmes has taught me to approach problems from an interdisciplinary perspective, to use unconventional methods and to think outside the box. I decided to study Physics because I was already fascinated by the world of physics when I was still at school. On the other hand, I wanted to enjoy … Continued

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“Studying Law at the University of Vienna offered me many opportunities to immerse in different areas. Ultimately, almost everything has a legal aspect. Therefore, I have grasped the chance of specialising in my studies and completed, among others, advanced courses in criminology, legal gender studies, legal English and law of international relationships. Last summer I … Continued

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“Before I started the Gender Studies master’s programme, I studied media cultural studies. I was asked the question what I exactly do in my studies so many times that it seems like umpteen times. If I would receive one euro every time I hear this question, I must not work anymore beside my studies. But … Continued

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Less manager positions, less board seats: Anita Györfi is a PhD candidate at the Vienna Graduate School of Economics (VGSE). In her research, she focus on the “glass ceiling effect” for women and investigates possible roots.

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“Giving tutorials from home wearing my pyjamas and slippers is something I could have hardly imagined a few months ago. When I was asked, two years ago, if I would like to work as tutor for an introductory course (STEOP), my university life has turned by 180 degrees. Having graduated from an academic secondary school … Continued

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