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How to: summer school am 6. May 2021
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How to: summer school

Summer, sun and summer school! This year again, you can make use of a wide range of offers when drawing up your plans for the summer. The organisers of the univie: summer schools have developed a comprehensive concept to offer students of the University of Vienna and international students the possibility to further their education and to establish international contacts: online and, if the situation of the pandemic permits, on site.

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The univie: summer schools are short programmes that last one to four weeks and reflect the diverse range of courses offered at the University of Vienna. They range from programmes focusing on social sciences, humanities and natural sciences to intensive language courses where you can improve your language skills in a tandem with international students. Students of the University of Vienna can broaden their knowledge and skills in different subject areas and establish contacts with colleagues from all over the world. As the name suggests, the courses take place in the summer months (between July and September), in the period when there are no classes. The academic univie: summer schools are targeted mainly at master’s students and PhD/doctoral candidates. The language courses are open to bachelor’s students as well.

📌 The univie: summer schools combine different initiatives offered by the University of Vienna and its partner institutions. You can find a general overview as well as detailed information about the individual programmes and the registration on the website of the International Office. Additional programmes continue to be added, so it is worth checking this website regularly.

Current summer schools

Language summer schools

Participants in the univie: summer schools have to pay a cost price. If the courses take place on site, participants also have to pay for accommodation and meals. You can find information about the costs on the relevant websites. Some univie: summer schools also offer scholarships.

The univie: summer school participants can obtain up to 18 ECTS credits depending on the scope of the summer school. For detailed information about recognition, please see the websites of the individual univie: summer schools or contact your directorate of studies.

Easing into the start of the semester

University – a whole new universe? Tips, deadlines and services that help you start successfully into the summer semester can be found here. You can also win bottles and a language course. Do not miss your chance.

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