Human of #univie Philip: Finishing secondary school and studying Physics at the same time

I have been studying Physics at the University of Vienna since more than a year now, quasi by the way. ‘By the way’ because I am actually still at high school and will not graduate until next school year. This is enabled by a Young Science initiative and the University of Vienna. When I heard about this, one and a half years ago, I was really excited and wondered – being a little bit insecure – if I would manage to study at the University while also studying for school. The proof of the pudding is in the eating… So I just started. I have always shown a great interest in natural sciences. This is why I started the degree programme in Physics. From then on, my life was pure chaos. On the one hand, there was school with homework, tests and assignments. On the other hand, there were these university lectures with worksheets, mini tests and the ever-approaching exams at the end of each semester. A great deal of work, and it was not uncommon that I had to study the entire night.

I didn’t really have free periods anymore because I needed them to go to the lectures at the Faculty of Physics. Usually, I came back to school in the middle of the geography or network engineering classes. After school, I went back to University to attend the exercises. Since the virus has put our everyday life upside down, it made my life easier because I can better schedule everything in times of digital studying. Also, now in the third semester I settled into a routine in many respects. What is certain, however, is that you cannot do both without hard work.

If you are now wondering why anybody would “take these pains on top of school”: It is a head start in life that nobody can take away from me. Why Physics? Physics is the foundation of so many things in the entire universe and allows us to understand so many things. Being able to ‘look behind things’, is just enormous fun for me. Just try it. When I hold my secondary school leaving certificate in my hands in 2022, the ECTS credits that I have already collected, will give me the opportunity to join the advanced students right away. – Philip Heinrich

Philip is studying Physics at the University of Vienna

P.S.: If you are also interested in studying while still going to school, the Young Science initiative “Schülerinnen und Schüler an die Hochschulen” (pupils to higher education institutions) by OeAD is making it possible. Here you can find everything you need to know.

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