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Your favourite places at the University of Vienna am 14. December 2023
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Your favourite places at the University of Vienna

We asked you and you responded: Here are your favourite places at the University of Vienna.

On Instagram, we asked you to reveal your top locations at the University of Vienna. Be it for studying, chilling, meeting friends or drawing inspiration – here, you can find places that you should definitely visit for these purposes.

Where is the best place to chill for students and employees?

Arcaded CourtyardStudierende auf der Wiese im Arkadenhof

This is your top favourite: the Arcaded Courtyard in the Main Building. This is no surprise: In the warmer months, the unique atmosphere loosens up everyday life and invites you to relax and linger. This architectural centre of the Main Building is also a great place to spend time between courses or meetings at the University. The cosy deckchairs are probably the best advertisement for the special chill factor. If the weather is too bad to spend time in the courtyard, you may easily use the Student Spaces in the Main Building instead.

Sometimes, the Arcaded Courtyard is also a venue for events, such as book fairs or concerts. In the café, you are well catered for with affordable drinks and snacks.Eine Gruppe Studierender im Arkadenhof

To add to that, here are some interesting facts about the Arcaded Courtyard: Located in the centre of the courtyard is a statue of Kastalia, the guardian of wisdom, and there are several busts of famous people around the courtyard. Come and visit the Arcaded Courtyard! There is so much to see!

Universitätsring 1, just straight ahead directly at the main entrance
1010 Vienna


What is the perfect place to meet fellow students or colleagues?

Campus of the University of ViennaStudierende im Campus Hof 2

There was one common denominator for this question: The Campus of the University of Vienna impresses with its many courtyards and seating areas. The restaurants on the Campus are also perfect for socialising and invite you to treat yourself to a well-deserved break. The numerous computer and seminar rooms offer you the opportunity to polish group projects together, study or brainstorm for projects.

The Campus premises are home to many departments of the University of Vienna, as well as the Postgraduate Center and the Alumni Association, the ÖH Uni Wien or the Language Centre. Another highlight is the Facultas bookshop, where you can find not only specialised literature, but also novels and more.

Studierende am Arbeiten im Hörsaalzentrum des Campus

At the Christmas market at the Campus, you can currently also find our caravan shop. From hoodies and beanies to library jigsaw puzzles – you’ll find everything your merch heart desires at our shop. ❤ [\stextbox]


For those of you who do not know the Campus that well yet, we recommend the guided tours of the Campus.

Here you can take a closer look at the various historical buildings of the old general hospital and visit the Narrenturm (Fools’ Tower). Also take a look at the current campus events: there’s something for everyone!

Campus of the University of Vienna, 1090 Vienna, Spitalgasse/Alser Strasse



What is your top location for studying?

German Studies Library

Vogelperspektive der Fachbibliothek GermanistikMost people are already familiar with the University of Vienna’s large library, which is why we have a real insider tip for you. For some of you, the German, Dutch and Scandinavian Studies Library is the ideal study place. Also located in the Main Building of the University of Vienna, its high shelves made of dark wood and the characteristic green desk lamps exude classic academia flair.

So if the Main Library is too full, this special library is the perfect alternative for your study session. Of course, a library is not only there for studying, but also for consulting books: The extensive range of books in the library will help you with your seminar papers or academic thesis or simply invite you to browse for a while. Of course, there is also a photocopier and a few computers available. Studying and writing become very easy in an environment like this!

Universitätsring 1, staircase 7, 2nd floor
1010 Vienna

Student Research Hub in the NIG (7th floor)

2 Studierende sitzen auf der Dachterrasse des NIG und reden miteinanderOn the 7th floor of the Neues Institutsgebäude (NIG), the Student Research Hub is not only a classic student space for working and studying, but also offers a varied programme. Coordinated by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), there are numerous supervised workshops to help you with working on and writing your academic papers.

You can also reserve stalls for group work so that you can work on joint projects undisturbed. Whiteboards and computers with analysis software are also available. A special highlight of the Student Research Hub is the cool roof terrace, where you can enjoy study breaks with a great view.

Universitätsstrasse 7, 1010 Vienna


Where should you definitely go for inspiration?

Botanical Garden

Botanischer GartenLots of greenery, idyllic and peaceful – these words probably best describe the Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna. You will find a wide variety of plant species there, from native plants and exotic specialities to rare and endangered species. Fun fact: Hardly anywhere else can you find such a variety of cactuses outside of glasshouses. The Garden has been in existence since 1754 and is now used for various research projects and courses at the University of Vienna. Species conservation is also a top priority: Species at risk of extinction grow in semi-natural habitats. Even some animals can be found in the Botanical Garden: You can observe wild bees and various bird species there.

A leisurely stroll is a great way to forget the stress of everyday life. You often come up with the best ideas when you are not mulling over them. You have certainly experienced this as well. This is exactly why a walk in the Botanical Garden is the perfect way to get inspiration for projects big and small.Blumen im Botanischen Garten

The natural beauty also provides the perfect backdrop for photos: We look forward to seeing your pictures on social media under the hashtags #VielfaltIstLeben and #univie.

Rennweg 14
1030 Vienna



Have fun discovering these favourite places!

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