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This blogroll provides an overview of blogs written by researchers at the University of Vienna.

BIÖG. Blog of the Institute of Austrian Historical Research

The BIÖG blog reports about the activities in academic research and teaching and the publication activities of the Institute of Austrian Historical Research.

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The research group Eastern European Studies of the department of political science of the University of Vienna writes about current developments in Eastern Europe. The Eastblog aims at informing a broader audience about research on Eastern Europe and increasing interest in the region.


European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) – Preventing disease and ill health

In this blog, early stage researchers, who are members of the EUSPR’s Early Careers Forum, write about topics such as (excessive) alcohol and tobacco consumption and the related negative consequences for both the individual and society. In addition, the blog contains reports about current prevention studies, reflections on the situation of prevention work in Europe, as well as methodological and self-reflective articles.

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“fernetzt” is an association for the promotion of young research on women’s and gender history. On their blog, early stage researchers write about topics relating to women’s and gender history. It contains reports about their day-to-day research activities, discussions of sources, impressions of conferences or critical analyses of current social and academic debates and events.

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MARIPOLDATA is a research project funded by the European Research Council. The MARIPOLDATA research team develops and applies a new interdisciplinary and multi-scale approach to study new forms of power at the intersection between science, policy and politics.

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Mein Europa

The blog “Mein Europa” (my Europe) takes up Wolfgang Schmale’s book Mein Europa. Reisetagebücher eines Historikers (my Europe: a historian’s travel diaries) (Vienna, Böhlau 2013). Travelling can not only be taken literally here, but can also be understood as an intellectual journey through European issues. Why? Europe needs a broader debate.

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Mostly Physics

“Mostly Physics” is the blog written by Dr. Toma Susi, a member of the Faculty of Physics. As the name suggests, he writes mainly about physics and sometimes about other interests as well.

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Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society Blog

On this blog members of the research platform RaT (Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society) blog about their research, international exchange and current debates. The platform is formed by an interdisciplinary research community, bringing together scholars from seven faculties at the University of Vienna and presenting a point of contact for international researchers interested in religion and societal transformation processes in contemporary contexts.

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STS Blog – Science and Technology Studies

This is the blog by the Department of Science and Technology Studies of the University of Vienna. Science, technology and innovation shape countless aspects of life in modern societies. The field of science and technology studies analyses these relationships and fosters critical and reflexive debates about the relationships between science, technology and society.

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An interdisciplinary research platform under the lead of Susanne Reichl and Ute Smit brings together a team of researchers based at four different faculties, who all investigate young people’s mediatised lifeworlds from a number of theoretical and methodological perspectives.

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