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Five steps for admission at the University of Vienna am 28. December 2017
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Five steps for admission at the University of Vienna

This blog entry is aimed at individuals who have a seconday-school leaving certificate from a non-EU/EEA country and are interested in admission to a bachelor/diploma programme at the University of Vienna.

Please take note: We strongly encourage you to carefully READ the blog post in its entirety and to follow the suggested links. We cannot offer any individual guidance on how to apply via our Social Media channels. ALL the information you need for a successful application can be found in this blog post and the relevant pages on the website

Update: February 2022

You would like to study at the University of Vienna? The first step is to inform yourself thouroughly about the content, admission procedure and various deadlines (application and admission deadline, registration deadline for the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities or lectures, …) of your degree programme. You have to pay special attention, if your chosen degree programme has an entrance exam procedure. If that’s the case, special deadlines apply and the application for admission is only possible once per academic year.

Prepare all documents in advance and apply for admission right after the beginning of the application period. The processing of your application takes several weeks. The application for and approval of a visa may also take an extended period. If you apply for admission late in the application period, you could miss important deadlines and it might not be possible to start your studies in the semester of your choice.

Step 1: Have a look at the range of degree programmes and find out more about your degree programme

Have a look at the range of degree programmes offered at the University of Vienna. From A like African Studies to T like Transcultural Communication – we offer many interesting degree programmes. Surely, there’s bound to be something just for you! Choose a degree programme from the list. Thereby, you can find out more about the contents, topics and structure of the degree programme. On the site of the degree programme, you can also find the contact information of the StudiesServiceCenters (SSC), StudiesServiceUnit (SSS) and the students’ representatives. Both will gladly help you with any questions regarding the course of studies and contents of the degree programme.

If you cannot find the degree programme you would like to study in the list, it is not offered at our university (e.g. Medicine or Mechanical Engineering). Therefore, we cannot answer any questions regarding these degree programmes.

The available study places are limited for some degree programme programmes. Hence, entrance exam procedures are conducted once per academic year. You can only be admitted to these degree programmes, if you have received an admission letter and successfully completed the entrance exam procedure.

Before you can submit your application for admission for some bachelor programmes, you have to complete an Online-Self-Assessment (OSA). The OSA is not graded, as it serves as a guide for choosing a degree programme. You will find out if the chosen degree programme corresponds to your expectations and interests.

Step 2: Apply for admission

Inform yourself by reading the step-by-step instructions for each degree programme and watch the videos regarding the required documents and the admission procedure. You can easily apply for admission online in u:space.

You need a proof of German language proficiency at level A2 to apply for admission. This is required for all bachelor and diploma programmes – even if you want to improve your knowledge of German in the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities (VWU) before starting your studies. To be admitted to the degree programme, you need a proof of German language proficiency at level C1. You can find further information about the topic knowledge of German in this blog entry.

The Admission Office will process your application as fast as possible. Nevertheless, the processing usually takes several weeks. This is due to the high number of applications which are submitted each application period. Due to organisational reasons, we cannot give you any information regarding the status of your application. As soon as your application has been processed, you will receive your admission letter via e-mail. You can also find it in u:space at > Personal matters > My documents. Please also check your spam folder regularly. With your admission letter you will receive information regarding the online first-time admission, and you can also apply for a visa at the responsible Austrian authority (embassy, consulate, …).

Please take the time to carefully read the detailed information regarding the admission procedure of your bachelor or diploma programme.

Step 3: Online first-time admission

Option 1: Supplementary examinations are prescribed in your admission letter

You will learn if you have to complete any supplementary examinations in your admission letter. Supplementary examinations can be prescribed, for example, in the subjects German, English, Mathematics and History/Geography. You have to pass all prescribed supplementary examinations at the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities (VWU). To do so, you have a maximum of four semesters. You can only begin your bachelor or diploma programme after having completed all supplementary examinations.

Inform yourself about the registration periods and cost of the VWU early on, so that you do not miss any deadlines. After registering at the VWU and paying the course fee, you can book an appointment for online first-time admission. During this appointment we will check your identity and the original versions of your documents. Afterwards, you will be admitted to a non-degree programme. You will receive an e-mail with info on what you have to do after the admission, how to pay the Students’ Union fee and your student ID number.

During the non-degree programme, you are only allowed to attend courses at the VWU and complete the prescribed supplementary examinations. You are not yet able to visit courses from your bachelor or diploma programme or take exams there. This is only possible after you have successfully completed all supplementary examinations and have been admitted to the degree programme. We have summarised all important information regarding your time in and after the VWU.

Option 2: No supplementary examinations are prescribed in your admission letter

If you have received your admission letter and no supplementary examinations are prescribed, you can book an appointment for online first-time admission. During this appointment, we will check your identity and the original versions of your documents. Afterwards, you will be admitted to the degree programme. You will receive an e-mail with info on what you have to do after the admission, how to pay the tuition fee/Students’ Union fee and your student ID number.

Step 4: Pay your tuition fee/Students’ Union fee

The amount of the tuition fee depends on your citizenship. The Students’ Union fee is 21.20 Euro for the academic year 2022/23. You have to pay the tuition fee/Students’ Union fee every semester if you want to continue your studies. Once the fee r registered as “received” in u:space, you are a student at the University of Vienna. You then can order your student ID card, the u:card.

Step 5: Register for courses

You do not have to attend to VWU or you have already completed all supplementary examination? Then you can register for courses! You can find all courses in u:find, the course and staff directory of the University of Vienna. The StudiesServiceCenters (SSC), StudiesServiceUnit (SSS) of your degree programme will be happy to help you, if you have any questions regarding courses or exams. In the curriculum of your degree programme you can find out which courses you have to take. Plan your semester early on, so that you do not miss any registration deadlines!

We are happy, that you have decided to study at the University of Vienna and wish you all the best for your studies!

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  1. Dear adviser, I got an offer letter from university of vienna.and my university did a mail me for registration pre- preparation course.My embassy appointment 20.10.2016.I want to know about registration period.will I registration now??? or I will registration later.ok thank you very much

    Waiting for your reply
    Kind regards
    Rocky Ahmed

  2. Dear
    I am shubho.I submitted my application for bsc in cse on the date of 15/07/2016,which was the last date for apply. Now I am little confused that, is it not a problem that I applied on the last date as a foreign student??? And if I will get an admission offer letter,do I need to know German language??
    Thank you.

    1. Dear Shubho, please understand that we cannot offer individual guidance via social media. If you have submitted documents to apply, you will receive an answer from our student point. The details on language requirements can be found in this blog post, please read it carefully. All specific questions should be directed to our staff at student point.

  3. I am a student from outside the European Union, I want to study at the University of Vienna allocates sociology, history or psychology

    1. Good morning I am from Uzbekistan I have bachelor degree on banking. I intend to apply for master’s degree, I am informed with requirements for application. But I don’t know german. I want to apply for degree in english, however mine Ielts certificate is 5,5. Could I apply for?

  4. All documents are due within 15 weeks from the start date of your first course. You can log into the student ecampus for your complete list of documents due.

  5. Hello!
    I’m Annalisa and I applied for a PhD position at the University of Vienna. I contacted you and the student point offices a lot of times because I’m an abroad applicant and I was afraid to mistake.

    When I registered all the required documents via U:Space, I waited several days for their submission. I sent an e-mail to helpdesk and Ms. Edwin Cikan wrote me “there is an technical issue with those approved documents; I forwarded this case to our support
    Finally the problem was solved and the documents were submitted th 4th of July. Another e-mail inform me that the process took till 12 weeks. Anyway the letter of acceptance is arrived early. I received it two days ago (29.08.2016).
    I read that I have to reach a B2/2 German language knowledge. I have understood that I could attend a German course during the first year of my PhD. When I charged all documents on U:Space, I also registered my A1/2 German certificate specifying that I will improve my level until B2/2 for the beginning of 2017. I have been informed about the preparation programme for supplementary examination but the deadline for the application is the 2nd of September. I cannot arrive in Vienna until 5th of September because I’m working abroad. I would complete the process admission, that day (the 5th of September) with the presentation of all the documents and the payment of the fees.
    I cannot lose the possibility to apply for winter semester because I asked for a grant to Austrian Accademy of Science and I can’t miss the deadline (December 2016).
    Could you help me?

    1. Hi Annalisa, we kindly ask you to contact the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities. It can be possible to get a course after the deadline.

  6. Hello,
    I am ready for Apply in University of Vienna, my all academic documents attested from consulate office. I am higher secondary passed in 2015. Now in studing in BBA at a private university in my native country. Already I have collect a leave certificate from my University and attested from consulate office. so my question is which certificate I will attach in online Application Form when I will Apply. only Leave Certificate or All Academic Certificate with marksheet? Please suggest me. Please inbox at (

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,

    It has been 12 weeks and I haven’t got any Letter from Admission, what I am supposed to do please advise.

    I applied for bachelor (political Science)


    1. Dear MK, the processing of applications takes at least 12 weeks. We can’t tell you any more, as the responsibility for admissions lies with our student point staff. You will have to remain patient and wait for an answer from them.

  8. but I am wondering Is it maybe there is a mistake in my application or in the system, because my friend got the acceptance, and we both submitted our application same day.

    I am patient and positive.

    Best Regards,

    1. Dear MK, we can’t give you any information via Social Media. We do not have access to individual student data. You have to get in touch with our student point staff in order to find out about your application.

  9. Dear Ms. Keller,

    Thank you very much, I have visited the student point. They were very kind and they advised me to wait little bit as they recieved so many bachelor application.

    Best Regards,


  10. should my high school report be notarized at embassy when i translate it into german? and what address do i need to send to .

    1. Dear Trinh, all the information you need is in the above blogpost! Please follow the suggested links and you will find the requirements for the documents.

  11. Hello! I am a graduate from Egypt and I’m interested in studying Fashion/design in Vienna. Does the University of Vienna have a Bachelor program for Design or Fashion studies?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Dear Norah, please read the above blogpost carefully, under section 1 you will find a link that directs you to all our degree programs. Design or fashion is not taught at the University of Vienna. You may want to look at other Universities in Vienna that have a more art-focussed program. All the best to you!

  12. Hello ,

    i would like to know if i want to study business administration .. should i send all my papers before the acceptance letter to austrian embassy To Verification documents or that’s not necessary ?!

    1. Hi there, please read the above blog post carefully! All the information you need to apply for admission is in the post or the suggested links. There’s some more helpful information in the blogpost “Hot to apply to the University of Vienna”, which is also linked above. We cannot offer guidance via this comment thread or other social media outlets, if you still have specific questions please contact our student point staff.

  13. I tried to register for a BSc.course but there was an error which stopped me from completing the procedure . the error was that it needed a certificate for an entrance exam but according to your information the course I choose to study does not need entrance exam

    1. Dear Elahe, for specific questions regarding the registration process, please contact our student point staff.

  14. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am Mr. Rubel Bhuiyan from Dhaka,Bangladesh. My SSC-2008-GPA-4.06(out of 5.0) Business studies and HSC-2010-GPA-3.80(out of 5.0) Business studies. I am studying a private University of bangladesh. i was unable to continue my study from 2010 to 2016 but at present i am able to continue my study and i am intersted study in vienna university . now am i eligible for admission in vienna university any subject? if i am eligible please send me what can i do and (Admission requirements,essential documents etc.)?
    ***you specially inform me that My study gap acceptable or not…????

  15. Dear Adviser,
    Please, clarify if i get the admission letter from the university of Vienna but I do not know German and plan to study at a preparatory course, do I need to come to register to the univeristy or derectly to the preparation course?
    What documetns do I need to bring to both institutions?

    1. Dear Aleksej, all the information you need is in the above blog post. Please read it carefully. Unfortunately, we cannot offer individual guidance via social media.

  16. Hi
    This is Hurmat from Pakistan, I completed my Intermediate in Arts from a government university here, I have all the attested degrees, I already applied to osterich embassy here in Pakistan but its been 6 months I didnt get any responce from there. I hope it wont be an issue.

    1. Dear Hurmat, we cannot answer on behalf of the Austrian Embassy. You will have to correspond with them.

  17. Hello! Is it possible to upload the documents for the Bachelor degree earlier (e.g. in November)? I am from Russia and if the processing of the application takes about 12 weeks (3 months) and then the processing of visa (about 2-3 months), I will miss the start of the studies for sure. I would like to start to study in March. Thank you, Paula.

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