How language shapes our world

Learning the grammar of a language means more than just learning its system of speech sounds and linguistic forms. In her semester question-blogpost Soonja Choi, research professor at the Department of Linguistics, explores the relationship between language and thought.

Trends shaping the future of work

Iacopo Morchio is assistant professor at the Department of Economics. In this blog post he describes his current research on recent trends in European labour markets, and how they relate to this term’s question: “How will we work tomorrow?“. I have always been particularly interested in how economic systems, and the incentives they create, shape … Continued

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semester question

The University of Vienna’s “Semester Question” focusses on the communication of its research to the broader public. It started in March 2016 and runs throughout the semester. Every semester a question is posed to expert researchers in order to gather their answers. The answers provided aim to give insight into the daily work of a researcher and to demonstrate the relevance of the University of Vienna as an institution of higher education as well as its importance to society in general. Here you can find an overview (in German) of all the semester questions. Some researcher also blogged about their answers.

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