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Fighting COVID-19 with research

Nowras Rahhal is a doctoral candidate at the University of Vienna and contributes to the fight against COVID-19 by conducting research in the field of pharmaceutical technology.

Freedom of the press: Is media ever free of influences?

After studying in Australia, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, Hamza Amin decided to join the Doctoral School of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna as a doctoral candidate. He investigates how political and economic influences impact the journalistic culture in the Global South. © privat

Overcoming a lack of motivation

As motivation is an essential prerequisite when preparing for exams or when writing academic theses, you can find some tips and tricks that help you increase your motivation.

Preparing properly for exams

Proper preparation can support you in successfully managing your exams. This blog contribution offers general tips for preparing for an exam and studying, as well as information about different learning strategies and reading techniques.

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