Preparing for an oral online exam

With the current change to remote studying, some of you are faced with your first oral online exam. In this article, we have compiled helpful tips on how to best prepare for this unusual situation.

Three tips on written digital exams

At the moment, written exams do not take place in the lecture hall as usual, but in your private homes. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has compiled tips to support you in preparing for your exams.

Research at the National History Museum of Los Angeles

Teeth, dental plates and caudal spines: Jaime Villafaña is a PhD student of Natural Sciences at the University of Vienna and spent two weeks at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles with the Short-term grants abroad (KWA) scholarship to study fossils of fishes.

“Using this crisis productively”

“In 2017, I quit my full-time job and started studying Education at the University of Vienna. Until recently, my everyday life on weekdays consisted of commuting from my place of residence to Vienna to enjoy my courses. I spent the weekends trying to make a living from writing reports for a regional newspaper. A few … Continued

Four hacks for effective remote learning

This unusual situation is a challenge for students and teachers alike. The current change from face-to-face teaching to remote learning alters the daily routine we are used to and that reliably structured our studies and our learning progress week after week. Therefore, structuring your personal routine is essential.

Simplify learning #1: How can I simplify learning at home?

Learning the right way is especially tough under the current circumstances. Your daily routine has changed and switching to remote studying requires you to work independently. Learning techniques cannot take the load of learning off your shoulders, but they help you structure and optimise the way you study. It is important that you choose the … Continued

“For better cooperation”

“So, what will you do after you have finished your studies?” I have never liked this question, since I decided to enrol in two degree programmes without a ‘specific’ job profile attached to them. I study Anglophone Literatures and Cultures and Conservation Biology and Biodiversity Management – not exactly degree programmes where it is immediately … Continued

“A two week immersion in fin-de-siècle Vienna”

“Coming from a small university in the city I’ve lived in all my life, the prospect of doing an Erasmus student exchange at the University of Vienna couldn’t have been more exciting. My BA programme in European Studies at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland requires me to complete two semesters abroad, studying through a foreign … Continued

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