Overcoming writer’s block

Viktoria was facing difficulties with starting her assignments in time until she joined a programme for academic writing offered by the CTL. In this blog post, she will tell you why she recommends that you give it a try as well.

“Expect the unexpected”

“Psychology? Interesting. And what are your plans after graduation? – A good question that I ask myself too more and more. I am a student in the sixth semester of the bachelor’s programme in Psychology at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. I have enrolled on this degree programme out of personal interest and, actually, not with … Continued

How language shapes our world

Learning the grammar of a language means more than just learning its system of speech sounds and linguistic forms. In her semester question-blogpost Soonja Choi, research professor at the Department of Linguistics, explores the relationship between language and thought.

Preparing for an oral online exam

With the current change to remote studying, some of you are faced with your first oral online exam. In this article, we have compiled helpful tips on how to best prepare for this unusual situation.

Three tips on written digital exams

At the moment, written exams do not take place in the lecture hall as usual, but in your private homes. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has compiled tips to support you in preparing for your exams.

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