Making a fast-growing progress

„My name is Alejandro de León. I was born and raised in Guatemala, a small but beautiful country in Latin America. I had the privilege to graduate from the Austrian-Guatemalan School, hence it seemed suitable to adventure myself in the viennese student life experience. And what better way to obtain an overwhelmingly authentic university feeling than from one of the oldest and most laureate academic institutions in Europe?

Although the semester start went rather bumpy than expected (i.e. dealing with course planning, a foreign language, a different culture and not to mention the wicked headache caused by the student visa application process), these very same obstacles seemed to have no significant impact on the fast-growing progress I was making as a person, mostly in terms of maturity, resilience, and determination. Moreover, I was very grateful for the easy-going behavior shown by both colleagues and teachers towards my multicultural background, which greatly relieved the learn burden. Thus I was able to enjoy and thrive the very essence of our alma mater.

Today I look back at those academic years holding a masters degree as the result of the finalization of a high-quality study program, whose standards wouldn’t have been possible to achieve back home, and can´t help but to remain confident in the bright future awaiting me in my beloved city of Vienna.“ – Alejandro de León

Alejandro studied International Business Administration at the University of Vienna.

„Das Footballteam der Universität Wien, die sogenannten Emperors, begleitet mich schon seit Beginn meines Studiums – und damit haben die „Emps“ die Studienjahre zur bisher besten Zeit meines Lebens gemacht! American Football hat von klein auf eine wichtige Rolle in meinem Leben gespielt, durch die Emps konnte ich dann Hobby und Uni perfekt verbinden. Als … Continued

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„My name is Madeline Kalista and I come from Chicago, Illinois. I previously attended the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and obtained my bachelor’s and master’s in Accounting there. Upon graduating I began working in the public accounting sector for a firm in Chicago. After spending a little over a year there, I decided I … Continued

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„Von Kindesbeinen an verbrachte ich meine Freizeit mit diversen Sportarten, dabei ist mir vor allem die Bewegung selbst wichtig. Ernährungswissenschaften ist für mich das optimale Studium an der Universität Wien, da mich die Themen Sport und gesunde Ernährung faszinieren. Egal ob Eislaufen, Skifahren, Schwimmen oder das tägliche Workout: Durch ausreichende Bewegung verbessere ich meine körperliche … Continued

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