Human of #univie Weirong Li: Putting concrete concepts into practice

„I’m studying Communication Science in my coming third year at the University of Vienna. I can say that it was the right decision for me. Not only did I learn important communication theories as well as methods, but I also had the opportunity to put concrete concepts into practice.

Every day I experience how an important and indispensable role communication plays in our world – whether it is through newspapers, television, or advertisements. All of these are mediums that influence people in unimaginable and indescribable ways. We absolutely have to understand such communication mediums – to understand ourselves and also the people around us. The well-known philosopher and communication scientist Paul Watzlawick said: „You can not not communicate“. Everything holds a certain meaning. And it depends on us to decode the intended message.

My studies in journalism and communication at the University of Vienna played a role in setting my direction and focus – as well as outside of university. Right now, I’m running my self-founded social startup called Raw Culture. The goal is to help Third Culture Kids (TCKs), the people who grew up in a country different from their parents, to find a sense of belonging in our society through realizing the potential they have. They often struggle with identity crises as they grew up between different cultures. In addition to my studies, I started working as an intercultural trainer, where I offer speaking and training to corporates. I manage my studies and projects at the same time by aligning points and material I learned at university to my passions.“ – Weirong Li

Weirong Li is studying Communication Science at the University of Vienna.

“In meinem Studium der Ernährungswissenschaften lerne ich alles rund um Lebensmittel und deren Beziehung zum Menschen. Leider ist dieses wichtige Wissen außerhalb des Studiengangs nur wenig verbreitet. So stellten sich meine Studienkollegin Elisabeth und ich die Frage, wie man Studierenden am besten eine ausgewogene und nachhaltige Ernährung näherbringen kann, um einerseits ihren Studienalltag zu erleichtern … Continued

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