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Study in Vienna: I brought expectations. I found friends.

„I visited Vienna for the first time in December 2013 and saw the beautiful Main Building of the University of Vienna. I was in a very early phase of my law studies in Finland, but it was then that I decided that one day I want to come back and complete a semester or two here. Just over five years later, I packed my bags and boarded a flight heading to Vienna, feeling excited and full of expectations.

So, what were my expectations? First, I was expecting to gain a lot of international experience and meet new people from all around the world. Second, I wanted to improve my knowledge of the German language. Finally, I wanted to experience campus life one more time before graduating and entering the job market. I have always considered myself an internationally-oriented and open-minded person and wanted to study abroad for some time to thoroughly experience a new country and culture.

I chose the University of Vienna as my destination because I knew it is a highly reputed university where I would have the opportunity to attend many useful and interesting courses in an inspiring environment and enjoy the active student life. Vienna had made such a good first impression on me with its absolutely beautiful architecture, interesting history and large selection of cultural delights. Also, as I knew my exchange would only last five months, I did not want to choose a country that is totally different from my own as I really wanted to adapt to the local culture.

The last four months in Vienna have given me everything I could have wished for. Not every day has been easy, but my positive attitude has helped me through the tough times, too. I have learnt a lot, both about European competition law, Austria, myself and other people. I am happy that I still get to spend one more month in this beautiful city that feels like my second home.

I know that this Erasmus exchange will only have positive effects on my future. Employers value international experience and language skills. Going abroad also shows that I am willing to accept new challenges and am not afraid to physically step out of my comfort zone. In addition to the positive impact on my career, I will bring back a feeling of self-confidence, and the ability to cope with different and sometimes even uncomfortable situations, as well as many wonderful memories.

I am extremely thankful for this whole experience, for everything it has taught me and shown me. For those contemplating whether or not to go abroad for a semester or two, I will offer one piece of advice: go for it. I did and I will never regret my choice.” – Aino Jankari

Aino from Finland spent one semester in Vienna to study Law.

If you are interested in this degree, then please mind the registration deadline for the admission process.

Human of #univie Lisa: den „Erstis“ den Studieneinstieg erleichtern

Als ich letzten September auf der Bühne im Audimax des Hauptgebäudes den rund 600 Erstis gegenüberstand und ihnen unsere STEOP-Module, insbesondere unsere Fachtutorien vorstellen durfte, wurde mir einerseits bewusst, was für eine Verantwortung mein Job eigentlich wirklich mit sich bringt und andererseits, warum ich diese Verantwortung ebenso sehr lieben gelernt habe. Seit Juli 2023 bin … Continued

Human of #univie Berina: über Sprach- und Kulturbarrieren hinweg

„Bei der Antwort auf die Frage nach meinem Studiengang zeichnet sich auf den Gesichtern meiner Gesprächspartner*innen meist Verwirrung ab. Das ist aber nicht weiter verwunderlich, da der Begriff „Transkulturelle Kommunikation“ vielen fremd ist. Dabei sind wir als Mitglieder einer globalisierten Gesellschaft nicht nur tagtäglich davon umgeben, sondern auch maßgeblich darauf angewiesen.  Wie auch schon im … Continued

Diversität unter Wasser: Vorlesung im Korallenriff

Drei Biologiestudentinnen der Universität Wien, Gözde, Lisa und Theres, berichten über ihre Studienreise zur Erkundung der Artenvielfalt und Geschichte moderner und fossiler Korallenriffe in Mangrove Bay 30 km südlich der Küstenstadt El Quseir, Ägypten. Die Exkursion fand im Rahmen der von der Universität Wien angebotenen Übung “Ecology & Palaeobiology of coral reefs (Red Sea)” statt. … Continued

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