The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest as a stage for global politics

Portugal just made history as it hosted its first-ever Eurovision Song Contest and Dean Vuletic from the Department of East European History was there. At our #univieblog he writes about his impressions. Portugal just made history as it hosted its first-ever Eurovision Song Contest, something that the Portuguese had been waiting fifty-four years for since … Continued

Learning German in a University Preparation Programme

Norbert Conti has been working at the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD*) since 2016. He knows a lot about the problems and questions from students who wish to study in Austria and still have to provide evidence for the required German language proficiency. To provide prospective students with a better idea … Continued

From Beijing to Vienna

Siriguna studies Literature at the Communication University of China in Beijing. In February she attended the univie:winter school for Cultural Historical Studies. In this blog post she tells us about her experiences at the University of Vienna, where she successfully completed courses on „Art and Culture at the Turn of the Century” and „Society and … Continued

5 steps for admission to a master’s programme

Are you interested in a master’s programme at the University of Vienna? Barbara Hamp from the Teaching Affairs and Student Services provides a step-by-step instruction on how to proceed to gain admission. Whether or not you will be able to start a master’s programme at the University of Vienna depends on various factors. Which programme do … Continued

5 Steps for Admission at the University of Vienna

Please take note: We strongly encourage you to READ the blog post in its entirety and to follow the suggested links. We cannot offer any individual assistance via the comment thread or other social media outlets. ALL the information you need for a successful application can be found in the blog post and the relevant … Continued

Biology in outer space

Biochemist and astrobiologist Tetyana Milojevic brings space returned microorganisms to the University of Vienna. As researcher of the Faculty of Chemistry she and her team investigate the microbial survivability in the Universe and extraterrestrial materials-microbial interactions. Tetyana blogs on the occasion of the event “Biology in outer space” offered by subject-related initiatives of the Alumni Association. Life in the Universe … Continued

Robot-supported health

Glenda Hannibal is a junior assistant at the department of sociology where she is exploring and addressing some of the hidden assumptions and enabling conditions driving the development of social robotics. For our campaign “semester question” (Semesterfrage) Glenda gives some examples of how robots are currently developed and used to improve the health of people and … Continued

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